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Brilliant Jerks of Uber (Not My Last Post)

Do psychologists have a duty to help and protect the public, or are they free to take advantage of a free market and use their talents to do whatever they would like to make money?   There is a trend in the video game industry, specifically the mobile game industry, where gaming studios are hiring […]

Double-Edged Sword of Twitter News

The world of alternative facts and fake news has been a well documented one both online and in this class. We have all discussed and thought about the dangers of fake news and alternative facts, which is why I will not discuss either of those with this post. Instead, I want to discuss the habit […]

Weird Twitter

Ever since I was a young lad, I have always loved big cities. Some people hate big cities and think about everyone living on top of each other, the pollution, the smell of pee on a hot summer day, and the never ending noise. However, I like to focus on the different personalities and neighborhoods […]

The Best Couple That Will Never Be: Spotify And Pandora

Let me tell you a story about two individuals who are perfect for each other. They are both attractive, funny, and incredibly compatible. They look fondly at one another from across the room, and everyone can feel the connection. However, everyone also knows that things just will never quite workout for the perfect duo. They […]

Growing Up Social

When talking about my initial thoughts on social media, I feel I must reflect upon my humble beginnings with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because, to me, these are the contents of the not so holy social media trinity. This enticing tale of a young lad with the world at his fingertips also must include the devices […]


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