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Is it the end or the beginning?

And just like that, this semester is coming to close. While there were many highlights during last fall on the heights, #IS6621 was easily the best academic class of the semester. I never truly understood the extent of Social Media until Professor Kane opened my eyes. Social media has so much power that many people do not […]

Social Media vs. Holiday Cards?

Woo-hoo! We are in full swing with holiday season and I cannot be happier! People are coming together, good food is being made and people tend to be in a more joyous mood this time of year (expect those Grinches that we all know of).          How does social media impact communication […]

Social Media’s Impact on Politics

President Obama created his first Facebook page this past Monday. He currently has over 900,000 likes but that number will soon become dated by the time this blog is posted. Since the page is fairly new there is not a lot of content posted yet but there are a few pictures, milestones and a brief […]

Why SoundCloud is my Favorite Social Media Program

Most college students have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The big four of social media definitely have a huge impact on my life, from getting party invites to catching up on current events. While I do get excited when my Instagram picture receives over 30 likes (Its hard out here for a guy with […]

The Newest Facebook Hoax

It seems like every year a rumor is created in response to not allows Facebook to use user’s post and various upload for whatever reasons Facebook may have, even though in their agreement Facebook allows itself to do so. In any event, I’m sure recently you’ve seen many countless souls copy and paste a general post […]

Why I Dislike the Direction Snapchat is Heading

I remember first downloading Snapchat about 4 years ago during the summer right before going away to college. At first I was not a huge fan but that was based mostly on the fact that almost none of my friends had downloaded the app yet. The size of the community for a social media site […]


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