Service Done For Social Media

As BC students, service immersion programs are no stranger to our education. In fact, they often times coincide with our education, if not formally conducted in a classroom setting they do manage to provide learning experiences that coincide with our Jesuit values… you know, “men and women for others.” If BC hasn’t so gently pushed […]

I’m the girl who calls during dinner

It’s true. It’s’ me. I call during dinner, and you probably screen that call. Well, to be fair, our student call center are the ones calling, but it all comes out of the office I work in: Boston College University Advancement. I’ve shared some details with the class before, but this always feels like the […]

I just want to walk your dog

Last week I was able to share some information about Wag, the Uber of dog walking. There are many pros and cons to using this app, and there are also many pros and cons to working as an independent contractor for them. In my presentation, I mentioned that one of the main issues I have […]