The End Is Near…

Looking back to when this wild journey began, I can’t help but to look back and remember all the “green” minds nervously awaiting their plunge into the world of social media and blogging. With no clear direction, other than the proposed topic that was up for discussion, I remember thinking how the heck we were […]

This One’s For You, Technology.

That’s right, I’m going there. Before writing this final reflection, I went back to my first blog, and couldn’t help but laugh at/feel embarrassed by a post I had written only three months ago. I was definitely a little bit dramatic in calling the world of social media and digital business “The Jungle”, but it […]

The Age of Consent

Most people hear the word consent and their mind jumps immediately to sex. That’s okay, we’re only human. Yet, over the past decade, the concept of consent has become the focal point of many high profile events that run the gambit of societal issues. This term, that seems so specific in its meaning, can be very […]

The Fall and Rise of Domino’s

I went to college out in Western Massachusetts, in a town that didn’t exactly embrace the concept of “college town”. So, if you were looking for a snack after midnight, and you didn’t have a car to hit up the 24 hour McDonalds, you were limited to your friendly local Domino’s – open and delivering […]

The world of our future is imagined through the dreams of our past.

The conversations we have about our technological trajectory into the 22nd century always bring me visions. Topics like artificially intelligent robot companions, flying cars, spaceships, and eccentric billionaires building colonies on Mars must lead to daydreaming for some of you as it does me. It makes me think, where did we even come up with these […]

America runs on mobile

Earlier today, as I was waiting in the train station on my way back to school, paying for my iced tea though Dunkin’ Donuts’ app, I realized how my relationship with Dunkin’ has changed and how much more frequently I spend money at Dunkin’ since downloading this app. Part of this is definitely because, living […]

Influential Digital Marketing

Social Media has changed the way companies can market their products. This is because social media has seen the rise of social influencers. Social media influencers are users on social media who have established themselves as a credible source in a specific industry such as beauty or gaming or travel. Social media influencers build massive […]