Somewhat Warranted Opinions on #IS6621

For my first blog of the semester I wrote about the unwanted and unwarranted opinions I had received about taking a class called Social Media and Digital Business. Now that I have taken the class, I hope to share a few somewhat warranted opinions on the class and what I am taking away from #IS6621. […]

One Small Step for Man…

The reasons why real hoverboards and everything else you want don’t exist.

AI: A Political Platform?

A response to @markdimeglio

Think you have what it takes to be a 5-star citizen?

Although courtesy and kindness are the ideals which we strive for as individuals in a single society, such is not always the case in practice. Even the kindest and altruistic among us probably has had an off-day, where he/she made more self-serving decisions than generous ones. In the case of China, the government seeks to […]

Throw some AI on it…🤔

In Kevin Kelly’s TED talk: How AI can Bring on a Second Industrial Revolution, the Founding Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, says, “So we have many ongoing tendencies right now, and I think one of the chief among them is this tendency to make things smarter and smarter. I call it cognification — also known […]

Silicon Valley 2.0

Sparked by one of our classmates tweets, I sought to investigate the domestic hubs of technology, focusing specifically on Silicon Valley. For decades now, it has been the go-to for all things named after a fruit, leaking data, and too advanced for my grandparents’ use. Aside from the obvious factors, though, why? A closer look […]

Becoming Digitally Mature: Fidelity Investments

In Week 2 of ISYS6621 we explored the ‘Digital Transformation of the Enterprise’. We learned that digital transformation is not just how companies choose to use technology, but instead it is a continuous adaptation to how technology is changing the way business is done. One of our readings, SMR’s Research Report “Achieving Digital Maturity”, outlined […]