Green Jacket for IBM

Alright Mike…I see you trying to steal my blog topic for the week…but, after my golf related blog post a couple weeks ago, it is only fitting that I talk about golf’s biggest and most innovative tournament that is only a couple short weeks away: The Masters.  Personally, I have never seen golf featured in […]

Shaping the Narrative in Digital Sports Media

A few weeks ago, I presented in class on the Players’ Tribune, a digital media startup founded by former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter that allows professional athletes to connect directly with their fans in their own words. The Players’ Tribune is trying to alleviate the struggle that professional athletes go through in order […]

What Happened to Google Glass?

“What happened to Google Glass?” is exactly what I have been asking myself for the past 4 years. Earlier this semester I tweeted out that Intel was making another push for Smart Glasses by making their own “Vault” glasses. However, I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into this subject than a simple tweet because […]