Varsity (e-Sports) Athletes

Back at the Naval Academy, I had a friend who was on the varsity offshore sailing team.  Technically he “lettered” every year, but he refused to call himself a “varsity athlete,” because he didn’t feel he had earned the title.  Of course, we always asked him to wear his “N-star” sweater (a right reserved for […]

How Technology and Trust Change the Car Rental Industry

From last week: In watching the video below, which was one of our reading assignment last week. The speaker Rachel Botsman discussed several great businesses and platforms that based on trust and technology. This makes me keep thinking about an instant car rental platform called Getaround. This company’s business model is also based on people’s […]


I’ll admit it. I’m slightly addicted to Fortnite. The game itself is great and ever-changing, keeping me hooked. Both @tarakane36 and @oliverhowe14 have covered this topic and done an excellent summary/analysis of the game and it’s rise to popularity.   Since I myself cannot do a better job describing the game, I’d like to call our attention […]

UniMarkit: Your Campus Marketplace

Two years ago, I went through a pain point suffered countless college students: I was moving off campus and had no clue how I was going to get everything I needed. Freshmen year, I lived on Newton. My sophomore year, it was Walsh. I had a lot of what I needed, but I was missing […]

Secrets behind a post from Social Media Influencers…

Have you heard of a dish called “Melted Cheese”? It is originated from Switzerland, basically it is just cheese pouring down to an ordinary dish. (As a guy from Asia, I apologize that I don’t have deep understanding of cheese culture haha) I wouldn’t say it is so special, but very cheesy indeed. People go […]

Fortnite From Afar

It’s been here and it’s been happening for sometime now. Everyday I find myself hearing screams coming from down the hall or even in the rooms above my dorm. My boyfriend does it and so does all of his friends. I find it absolutely crazy how emotional people get about it. I even see laptops […]