IS6621 through the weeks – My final reflections

For my final blog post of the semester, I would like to provide a brief recap of each week we spent in ISS621. I will not get to cover every key point I learned from Prof Kane’s class, so I thought I would touch on the lessons and takeaways that resonated most strongly with me. […]

All Hail: 34 Lessons Learned from King Kane

Hard to believe we only have one Social Media for Managers class left and that I’m writing my last blog. The snow days mixed with all of the spring holidays and breaks has made me feel like we never had SMFM class for more than two weeks in a row. Nevertheless, I am ready for the summer, […]

The Age of the Curator

While sifting through my Twitter timeline last week I stumbled upon this TwitPic: Even though we covered these companies a couple weeks ago I’m still astonished every time I read that little paragraph. Social has enabled companies to generate an application or website that simply climbs on the back of traditional markets, then ultimately dominates […]

A Little Market Goes A Long Way

Having attended Catholic schools since kindergarten and now being apart of the Boston College community, the value and importance of social issues have always been apparent at the educational institutions I have attended. Two topics that seem to always be at the forefront of these conversations is oppression and poverty. From my experiences, there has been two books whose approach to […]

8 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Likes on Instagram

What do hikes to the peak of a snow-covered mountain with an amazing view spanning miles in every direction, delicious Mai Tais sipped while sitting on gorgeous Waikiki Beach, and your adorable cousin smearing cake all over his face during his 1st birthday party all have in common?  These experiences are all great Instagram opportunities […]

March Madness and Marketing Implications

It’s that time of the year again… March Madness! For those of you who are less familiar with the term, it is also known as the annual NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. The term was coined after the crazy frenzy fans get into as they cheer for their favorite team to win the national […]

GroupMe for GrownUps

A little over a month ago I stumbled upon The Crunchies Awards while procrastinating on my class Twitter account. I’m sure many, or even most, of you are familiar with the tech news company TechCrunch (their Twitter has nearly 5 million followers), and The Crunchies serve as their “Oscars” of sorts for the start-up and venture capital […]