Technology and the Global Goals

I had the privilege of working the annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference put on by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship at the beginning of April. Due to this class, I was interested to learn how these corporate citizenship professionals viewed the role of technology in achieving their goals of being better corporate citizens. […]

Who is Viewing Your Facebook Page?

Have you wondered how does Facebook determine which friends show up in the chat sidebar? I bet all of you have experiences with to see friends that you interacted a lot not appearing on the list while others that you rarely talk with (since you’ve met that person only once but added his/her Facebook anyways) […]

Dr. Albert Isaac (AI) Will See You Now

Imagine a world where human error was been virtually eradicated from hospitals. The process of patient diagnosis and treatment is completely automated, with a certified doctor being the final gatekeeper to sign off on the recommendations wholly generated by a machine. This is the world envisioned by DeepMind, the AI division of Google that is […]