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My Social Media Journey: Final Thoughts

On my first blog post I described my 2005 encounter with social media, the strong role it grew to have during my formative years and my questions for how it would affect business as we know it. In keeping with that line of thought, I have broken down the lessons I’ve learned throughout the semester […]

Once Upon a #Selfie…A Social Media Tale

Once upon a time, a recent law school graduate and full-time MBA candidate elected to take the #IS6621 Social Media and Digital Business course with Professor Jerry Kane at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. She was earnest in her pursuit of a deeper knowledge and understanding of the business implications of social media, and […]

Until next time, #IS6621.

Three months ago, I was excited, nervous, and confused, as Professor Kane explained everything that had to be done in this class. He reassured us that we’d get into a rhythm and everything would fall into place. Before this class, I was active on Facebook and Instagram. I let my Twitter account sit there for […]

A Letter to My Future Kids

Dear kids, By the time you read this letter, the world you are living in would be very different from when this letter was written – the year end of 2015. Since the moment of your birth, you have been surrounded by what we used to call “The Internet of Things” – all the devices that connect with each […]

#IS6621: Takeaways and Why I Will Be Deleting My Twitter

TAKEAWAYS In some way, context and social media marketing need to align, or the dissonance is off-putting and, ultimately, muddles the message – Amanda Valdes (Expectations for #IS6621) In class, we read and analyzed many case studies on social media successes and failures- not all of which were supplied by the professor. Social media enabled […]

A Semester in #IS6621 as told by Grey’s Anatomy

The one and only Meredith Grey once said, “Change. We don’t like it – we fear it – but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change, or we get left behind.” Although I’ve found countless ways to apply this quote to my personal life, I think it most accurately captures the […]

Reflection on a Semester in Carroll MBA Social Media Course

It is hard to believe that another semester has already come and gone – and what an eventful semester it turned out to be for social media, and for digital business in general. The fall of 2015 was certainly an appropriate time to be taking a course of this nature, with so many headline stories and […]