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Facebook’s Safety Check: Newfound Global Responsibility

I had intended to blog about the rise of email newsletters like ‘the Skimm’ and ‘Lenny Letter’ and counteract Phil Simon’s (author of “Message Not Received”) claim that “email is killing us.” It was Friday, late afternoon, and I was reading current articles and blogs on the triumphant return of the email newsletter, when #Paris started […]

“Look Beyond the Content” – An Interview with Kai-Fu Lee

Kai-Fu Lee is a Taiwanese IT venture capitalist, writer, micro-blogger, and computer scientist. As the founding president of Google Greater China, previous Vice President of Interactive Media Group at Apple Computers, previous Corporate Vice President (NISD) of Microsoft Corp, and the founder and CEO of China’s Innovation Works, a billion-dollar technology incubator, Kai-Fu is one of the most prominent […]

Social Media’s Response to the November 2015 Paris attacks

After the horrifying events that occurred in France on Friday evening, I felt compelled to write this post overviewing the response on social media. On November 13th, 2015, a series of mass shootings and suicide bombings were carried out in Paris and Saint-Denis which killed 129 and injured hundreds more. Yesterday French President François Hollande made a statement that these terror […]

MassNightly: Plan your night out!

Tanya Williams, my best friend since elementary school, came to visit me this weekend. In casual conversation with her, she mentioned she loves her current internship as a social media intern with a startup called MassNightly. I was eager to hear more about her experience, so asked her for a more formal follow-up interview to […]

Colorado #Sexting Scandal: Keeping Secrets Through “Ghost Apps”

Controversy around a high school “sexting” incident in Canon City, Colorado has been proliferating the news as a police investigation has not only caused the cancellation of the high school’s football game (some of the players may be/are culpable in this on-going case) but also could result in potential felony charges. It has recently been revealed that […]

Who said digital means the death of board games?

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, provides us with a great quote encompassing why it is that social media is important enough for us to be studying the topic: “The power of social media is that it forces necessary change.” Ask any business leader if social media has changed their strategy in some way and I […]

Will We All Become Essena O’neill One Day ?

Few days ago, I woke up to one story that filled my newsfeed. All my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter were sharing a story that had gone viral. The story of Essena O’Neill; That 18-year-old girl and the famous Instagram star. Essena decided to quit Instagram few days ago after having relied […]