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The New Tupperware Party: Rodan and Fields on Social Media

This weekend, I was talking to a friend who works in the marketing technology space about potential blog post topics for my social media class. I was trying to subtly convince him to let me interview him for my post, but things quickly took a sharp left turn. “Erin, you know what I would want […]

Miley Twerking, Kanye Running for President, and all the In-Between

On an average basis, I find myself scrolling through BuzzFeed’s home page approximately 5 times a day. Typically I look for funny articles to post on friends Facebook pages or quizzes that tell me “which carb is your soul mate” or “do actually prefer chocolate of cheese”. However Monday afternoon when I stumbled on BuzzFeed […]

“Drake looks like voldemort with hair” #RT?

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us, right? Boston College professor, Peter Gray, recently wrote an article about the decline of student resilience. In it, he cites an incident where a student was traumatized after her roommate swore at her. Additionally, he mentions a time when two students called 911 […]

Film studios use social media to build buzz

The film industry has been one benefactor of the social media revolution that has taken place over the past ten years. Social media has allowed film companies to advertise and build up buzz for their movies in whole new ways. YouTube is the main way that studios deliver trailers and other videos to the public, […]

Halloween –> Halloweekend –> Halloweek

Instead of sitting here stressing about the fact that it is Halloween this week and that I have absolutely no costume ideas for the 5 nights I am inevitably going to be expected to dress up for, I decided to channel some of this anxiety into a Halloween themed blog post.  As a senior, I […]

Dress Up Your Brand for Halloween

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, get ready for your Instagram feed to be filled with all of your friends dressed in ridiculous costumes and your snapchat stories filled with plentiful “tricks” and “treats.” So what does this Holiday mean for brands? Well, for starters, it is a great way to get an […]

Getting Personal – Reaching the Peak of ‘TMI’ on Social Media

How much information is too much information? With the rise of digital media, privacy has lost meaning, while sharing has been taken to a whole new level. These days, it’s almost too easy for users to share every waking minute of their day-to-day lives. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Oh, you ate a […]

Wearing Social Media

Wearable technology is a remarkably fast growing and game-changing trend. According to PwC’s The Wearable Future report released in 2014, 1 in 5 Americans has a piece of wearable technology. There are a wide variety of wearable technologies, the most popular being smart watches. Other pieces of wearable tech include fitness trackers and augmented reality lenses […]

The Chase Utley Suspension: Did Social Media Drive It?

For those of you who have been keeping up with the MLB postseason, you probably saw the Chase Utley slide a few weeks ago against the New York Mets. I am a Red Sox fan, so the games unfortunately don’t mean too much to me. But as a sports fan, I still casually follow along and flip […]

Pinterest verus Wanelo – Competitor or friend?

A Forbes article from August 13th, highlighted seven social media platforms that could explode before 2016. I particularly found the first one Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) interesting (perhaps because of my love for shopping), and since I had never heard of it before I decided to do a little investigating. Wanelo is a social […]

How Brands Can Be Mental Health Support Systems

Perhaps the most amazing part of social media is that it serves as a platform for people to not only connect, but support each other. Artists Hoodie Allen, Jacob Whitesides, and my company 1950 Collective have recognized this.  As our society moves away from phone calls and relies on texts/social media messages to reach each other, […]

Every Industry Needs Crowdsourcing!

We are starting to see many startups emerge with a crowdsourcing model. Think about the graphic below: These companies grew rapidly in their respective domains. They didn’t need much infrastructure to get going, because the key ingredient that they all needed to become global powerhouses was in place all along. What is that key ingredient? PEOPLE! People that […]

“Studying” Abroad and Social Media

Florence, Italy: the place that completely stole my heart and absolutely changed me forever.  Studying abroad was hands down the best experience of my life.  When else in your life are you going to be able to travel for such an extended period time, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and experience […]

Are you on Woo Woo yet?

So far in Social Media and Digital Business, I’ve been forced to face a painful fact: I’m not cool. Not even a little bit. I hear the undergrads in our class talking about things called Yo, Periscope, and Meerkat, and I constantly find myself Googling new words after class. Recently, I asked some of my […]

The Digital Gender Divide

Recently as I have been scrolling through various social media platforms, I find myself running into a series of compilations of male posts that reflect that of female tendencies on social media. Social media users are generating the question, “What if guys acted like girls on Instagram?” Aside from the hilarity of these images that […]