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Final Reflections on Social Media

It’s safe to say that I learned more from this class than I ever expected to. I came into IS6621 with a few communications and social media internships under my belt, and I thought I had a decent understanding of the ways social media and business intertwined. But there’s so much more to social media […]

Social Media & Me

Prior to joining this class, my knowledge of social media and awareness of it’s influence on my life was limited.  Yes, I had a Facebook account, perused Instagram daily, had my resume on LinkedIn, and communicated through emails. However, social media seemed to be an activity that I selected to participate in, rather not something […]

Reflections: I stand corrected

So where to begin this blog post? There are so many possibilities to cover here, and I will try to avoid clichés-i.e. the ‘rise of social media’, or the ‘power of social media’.  I’ve decided that a good place to start this closing blog would be at the beginning, reflecting upon my first post. Looking […]

Final Reflections of a Converted Twitterer

Before this class I wasn’t quite sure how to use Twitter, and didn’t know what to really say in a tweet. I never really checked Twitter, and chose to be active on other social media sites, but MI621 Social Media for Managers shaped my understanding of Twitter and made me realize the power of 140 […]